ADS Uptime for wireless service check-up

The next generation of this advanced diagnostic system is the ADS Uptime. ADS Uptime will be available for wireless service check-up via Bluetooth, as well as for system integration via OPC-UA, or both.

ADS Uptime - a tool for wireless service check-up

The wireless service check-up will facilitate maintenance and simplify the maintenance routines in production lines. Perform the service checkups on the go, via the ADS Uptime app in a mobile device. With effective maintenance check-up unplanned downtime can be avoided or greatly minimized.

ADS Uptime - a tool for finding the root cause

The new generation of encoder diagnostics solution from Leine & Linde – ADS Uptime for wireless check-up will be your most reliable tool for minimizing downtime in the production line. You can easily get access to the important factors in a mobile device, in real-time or in history data. Analyzing data and finding the root cause of a breakdown or unusual performance during maintenance routines becomes just simple.

Secure uptime with ADS Uptime for wireless service check-up!